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Retiree Unit Executive Board
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 Updated May 24, 2017 9:00 am
The CSEA Retiree Unit Executive Board represents 10 Retiree Districts throughout the state. The Retiree Unit provides an organized program for retirees to promote communication among all retirees and address issues that impact their lives. Members of the Retiree Unit also assist CSEA’s active membership in accomplishing their goals.   
2016-2017 Board of Directors 
Front row l-r: District H Director Jim Vinion, RUEB Secretary Teri Minoux, RUEB Chairman Ron Duva, District K Director Sandy Dabney, District F Director Susan Adams.

Back row l-r: District A Director Joe Rao, District I Director Jennie Batiste, District C Director Sandy Silva, District B Director Tony Lockwood, District G Director Dawn Bronsema, District D Director Beth Kieffer, District E Director Faye Lane, Staff Coordinator Nadine Franklin.              

Field Office to Area Realignment 
Town Hall Meetings

Keynote speaker Carl Zilli

Closing ceremony part 1

Closing ceremony part 2



Available to CSEA Members/Staff Only




no passing on the ticket to someone else

*Ticket donations are $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00

*Proceeds will benefit the CSEA Retiree Unit Granny Grant Scholarship Funds

*Drawing will be held at: May 2017 Retiree Unit Board Meeting

*Need not be present to win

*Winner will be notified by phone

*Contact your Retiree Unit District Director for additional Information

Condo Information:

Private Residence located in Napilihau Village Maximum Capacity is 4

2 Bedroom; Master Queen Bed, 2nd Bedroom has 2 Twin Beds 1 full bathroom and a ½ bath that includes washer/dryer No Air Conditioning, ceiling fans only

Parking for rental car

½ mile drive to beach

 Chairman's Message

The Chairman’s Message

The Safety Net

Over 80 years ago Social Security was started under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In the 1960s Medicare was put in place under President Lyndon Baines Johnson.  These programs were called “Socialism” by some and a “The Safety Net” by others and a political war over their continued existence has been going on ever since.  In the past 20 years public pensions and public education have become the targets of an additional political war. Why?

The answers as to why these battles continue do not always lie on the surface.  They instead lie just below the surface and are rooted in people’s fear, jealousies, selfishness and prejudice.   You have heard the surface excuses, “Why didn’t they plan for their retirement?”, “Why didn’t he buy enough insurance?”, “Why didn’t she save any money? She spent it on fancy clothes and cars.”, “He never took care of himself”, “Why should I pay taxes for schools, I don’t have any children in school?”, “You know how THEY are!”, “I pulled myself up by my bootstraps.”, “They are just lazy.”, “I take care of myself and my family. They should do the same”.

Brothers and Sisters we do not live alone on a desert island.  We live in a community, a state, a country, a society and a world that we share with others.  It’s not always easy but we have at least a moral obligation to help each other.  When we help each other, doctors, psychiatrists and studies say we are healthier and happier.

Some politicians in Washington D.C. today do not understand or value the mental and physical health provided to the American people by social welfare programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and pensions.  Millions of retired Americans only source of income is Social Security.  Millions of American citizens can’t go to the doctor or hospital without Medicare.  The majority of retired Americans today do not have a pension.  What will happen to millions of retired Americans if The Safety Net is removed and some selfish, prejudice ignoramuses in Washington D.C. get their way?

It’s time to stand up for your rights.  Call your congressional representative. Contact your Senators.  Talk to your friends, family and neighbors.  Tell them what will happen to you if these social programs are cut or repealed.   Make no mistake about it these politicians are working on plans to remove The Safety Net or at least cut a gigantic hole in it. Your Union will be engaged in this fight.  How about you?

In Solidarity,

Ron Duva, Chairman

CSEA Retiree Unit Board of Directors

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Retiree Unit District Webpages
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Classified School Employee Week

Since 1986, California has taken the third week in May to honor the invaluable contributions of classified school employees. Join us May 21-27 as we celebrate the everyday heroes who play a crucial roles in our schools and community colleges.

CSEA Town Hall Meetings

The CSEA Board of Directors is holding Town Hall Meetings throughout the state to discuss important topics including the Dues Fairness Resolution that will be put before delegates at this year's Annual Conference.

CSEA resolution supports safe zones for students

In February, the CSEA Board of Directors passed a resolution entitled “CSEA Supports Public Schools as Safe Zones for all of California’s Students.” The Board of Directors encourages CSEA chapters to print and post it at their school/work sites as a symbol of CSEA’s commitment to keeping students safe.

'Inside California Education' features CSEA members on television

A new television series provides viewers with an insider’s perspective on the state’s complex and evolving education system. It features parents, administrators, teachers and classified employees—including several CSEA members.

Plan ahead for retirement

Sign up now to attend a FREE CSEA Pre-Retirement Seminar in your area and get the information you need to maximize your pension benefits. It's never too early to learn about your retirement.

2017 Classified School Employees of the Year

Six outstanding classified employees will be honored by the California Department of Education for their dedication to our public school students. Five of the employees are CSEA members.




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