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 Updated February 6, 2018 8:05pm
The CSEA Retiree Unit Executive Board represents 10 Retiree Districts throughout the state. The Retiree Unit provides an organized program for retirees to promote communication among all retirees and address issues that impact their lives. Members of the Retiree Unit also assist CSEA’s active membership in accomplishing their goals.   
Board of Directors
Front row l-r: District K Director Sandy Dabney, District G Director Christina Berumen, RUEB Secretary Teri Minoux, Staff Coordinator Nadine Franklin.

Back row l-r: District B Director Tony Lockwood, District E Director Faye Lane District C Director Sandy Silva, District I Director Jennie Batiste, RUEB Chairman Ron Duva,  District F Director Susan Adams, District D Director Beth Kieffer, District A Director Joe Rao,  District H Director Jim Vinion.     

What's New?
District Director Faye Lane and Assistant District Director Chuck Walker Sr attended the standing room only Pre-retirement seminar in Merced on Saturday October 21, 2017.  Arlene Gloria Sauceda​, Area E Rep on the Pre-Retirement Resource Committee, and RR65 Enrique Altamirano​ made sure everything ran smoothly! See photos here  

Here in District C, the major fires are to the north of us in District B, but I believe we all have friends and relatives in the burn area. I know, I do, or did, my cousins lost everything in the fire.  I'm happy they got out with their lives, but so sad that at 93 they have to start over. No one from our Retiree Councils in District C have been affected, in either the Santa Rosa fires or the fires in the Santa Cruz Mountains, but that hasn't stopped councils from donating to the Humanitarian Fund.  We're all family, and when one of us is hurting, we all hurt.  No amount of money raised will bring back what was lost, but every bit of help is needed.

                                   - Sandy Silva, District C Director

RUEB having lunch at Mi Casa Cafe in San Rafael, September 14, 2017 

 Chairman's Message

What’s Next?

While we are all still trying to figure out the new “Tax Reform” bill that sailed through the Congress and was signed into law by the President during our Christmas holiday preparations near the end of 2017, are we really sure how it’s going to affect us?  The answer unfortunately is “No”.

Here from CETERANETWORKS.COM a financial service are some of the deductions that are gone in 2018: moving expenses, home office use, unreimbursed travel and mileage( like continuing education costs, union dues, expenses paid by workers for tools, supplies and uniforms), job search expenses, home equity loan interest, and tax preparation fees.  All these lost deductions are enough to give me a headache.

Then there is Medicare called “MediCal” in California. House Speaker Paul Ryan has said again that he wants to after “entitlements” in 2018.  The tax bill has added $1.5 trillion to our national debt.  Mr. Ryan wants to now reduce that debt by using Block Grants and Funding Caps that would harm older Americans.  According to “Justice In Aging”, “Block grants would give each state a fixed amount for the state’s entire Medicaid program. Per capita caps would give a state one payment for each Medicaid beneficiary in the state. Both proposals reduce federal expenditures by making dramatic cuts to the Medicaid program overall, which would be devastating for the older adults”.

Now Mr. Ryan wants to force a debate on “restructuring Medicare” and other big safety-net programs.  My friends, whenever you hear a politician say the words,  “restructuring” or “reforming” something you should understand is what they are really saying is removing or destroying something that exists now.  In this case Mr. Ryan wants to get rid of and destroy all social programs that he calls “entitlement programs”.

They are not “entitlement programs”.  They are “Earned Benefit” programs.  We earned these benefits.  We earned them by paying into them all our working lives.

Please, in the future, do us all a favor and refer to these programs as “Earned Benefits”. 

So what about Social Security?  Mr. Ryan wants to privatize Social Security or make it a Voucher program.  By now, you may be asking yourself if I’m kidding?

I only wish I were.  Together we can put an end to this “restructuring and reforming”, this destroying of our social-safety net.  The 2018 mid-term primaries and elections are coming. We will have the opportunity to remove Mr. Ryan from the Speakership along with many of his destructive cohorts.  Make your vote count!

In Solidarity,

Ron Duva


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