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Retiree Unit Executive Board
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 Updated October 21, 2016 9:27 am
The CSEA Retiree Unit Executive Board represents 10 Retiree Districts throughout the state. The Retiree Unit provides an organized program for retirees to promote communication among all retirees and address issues that impact their lives. Members of the Retiree Unit also assist CSEA’s active membership in accomplishing their goals.   
2016-2017 Board of Directors 
Front row l-r: District H Director Jim Vinion, RUEB Secretary Teri Minoux, RUEB Chairman Ron Duva, District K Director Sandy Dabney, District F Director Susan Adams.
Back row l-r: District A Director Joe Rao, District I Director Jennie Batiste, District C Director Sandy Silva, District B Director Tony Lockwood, District G Director Dawn Bronsema, District D Director Beth Kieffer, District E Director Faye Lane, Staff Coordinator Nadine Franklin.              

Keynote speaker Carl Zilli
Closing ceremony part 1
Closing ceremony part 2


Available to CSEA Members/Staff Only




no passing on the ticket to someone else

*Ticket donations are $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00

*Proceeds will benefit the CSEA Retiree Unit Granny Grant Scholarship Funds

*Drawing will be held at: May 2017 Retiree Unit Board Meeting

*Need not be present to win

*Winner will be notified by phone

*Contact your Retiree Unit District Director for additional Information

Condo Information:
Private Residence located in Napilihau Village Maximum Capacity is 4
2 Bedroom; Master Queen Bed, 2nd Bedroom has 2 Twin Beds 1 full bathroom and a ½ bath that includes washer/dryer No Air Conditioning, ceiling fans only
Parking for rental car
½ mile drive to beach

 Chairman's Message


Do you remember when you were a kid and had to go back to school in the Fall?  I remember muttering under my breath “Darn it, I was just beginning to have fun!” or a little more colorful words to that effect.  My family was lucky enough to live in a house by a lake.  My brothers, sisters, cousins, friends and I spent our summers outdoors filled with playful adventures and fun.  We would be in and out of the water swimming and sunbathing on the shore.  We would go fishing and were filled with delight when we caught a bunch of small sunfish. This is when I learned a good lesson.  You see I thought I would clean these little fish so we could have them for dinner.  However, after hours spent removing their little heads and entrails there remained very little fish left to eat.  Lesson learned throw the little ones back.  The real joy was in the catching.

We caught butterflies, crickets, pollywogs, frogs, crawdads and garter snakes but we’re always on the lookout for those “big snappers” (snapping turtles). At night we would fall asleep watching the blinking lights of the “light’n bugs” (fire flies) that we caught and placed in a ventilated mason jar on the windowsill.  We were tuckered out and life was good.

I remember going back to school after another great summer vacation and my teacher, Mrs. Aaronson, asked us to write an essay on “What I did on my summer vacation”.  Summer was over and I was back to school again.  “D@#%  it!!”  But being the little smart aleck kid that I was, I turned in a 3 word essay.  “I HAD FUN.”  When I got my essay back Mrs. Aaronson had circled my grade in red ink.  D essay & B+ honesty.

 I think Mrs. Aaronson would have liked this essay better.

Brothers and Sisters, it’s summer vacation time again.  Whether you are going on a summer vacation or summer staycation, I hope you’ll have a good time.  If you are not having a good time, try thinking back to a good time you had as a kid.  It helps.

Remember, Fall will be here before you can blink twice. CSEA school assignments and duties will begin again not to mention Political flyers in your mailbox and wall to wall TV political ads.

In Solidarity,

Ron Duva, Chairman

CSEA Retiree Unit Board of Directors

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  Favorite Links
 Your Retirement Options and Online Application video 
Medicare Health Plan Telephone Counseling 
Retiree Unit District Webpages
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District B Updated 6/25/2016
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Election 2016
There is a lot on the line for CSEA members in this election. The President we elect will nominate at least one Supreme Court justice; funding for our schools hinges on Proposition 55 and there are several local and state races of immense importance to classified employees and working families across the state.

CSEA Voter Guide:
Find which candidates and measures CSEA supports on your ballot.

Register to Vote!
If you are not registered to vote, there is still time. The deadline to register is October 24. You can do it online, right now.

School Bus Safety Week
Schools around the country will recognize School Bus Safety Week Oct. 17-21, celebrating the theme: "Bully Free Zone!" CSEA is a leader in educating school employees about bullying prevention strategies and keeping kids safe.

CSEA salutes our veterans

Veterans Day is a time when we honor the men and women throughout history who did their part to protect the safety and rights of Americans. Join us as we express gratitude to those who have made great sacrifices to preserve our freedom.

Get involved with CSEA
As a CSEA member, you are part of the largest classified union in the nation. Despite our size, CSEA remains an organization of people. We rely on members to step forward and contribute new ideas and new energy. Talk with leaders of your chapter to find out what kind of help is needed and how you can join the CSEA team.

Plan ahead for retirement
Whether you're retiring in 2016 or in 2050, you should attend a FREE CSEA Pre-Retirement Seminar in your area. You'll get the information you need to maximize your pension benefits.

Know Your Rights
Classified employees are afforded many basic rights by law or through collective bargaining. Learn about your rights on the job and what you can do to protect yourself if your rights are violated.

Paraeducator Conference
CSEA will present the 20th Annual California Paraeducator Conference in March, but now is the time to get your district to reserve funds to send participants to this landmark event.




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