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Merit System Committee

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The Purpose of the Merit System Committee (MSC) is

to assist merit system chapters by sharing information pertinent to merit system chapters, 
including the development of commission rules and regulations, budget, and commissioner appointments. 
The Committee is also charged with providing necessary and relevant specialized training for merit system chapters 
and with proposing legislation specific to merit system chapters that will protect employee rights under the merit system laws


What is the MERIT System?

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It is about What you know, not Who you know!

Thank you, new officers and representatives, for your willingness to serve our members!

Last year's members of the Merit System Committee have been reappointed for another 2-year term.
Chair Linda Vaughan, a Commissioner herself, expressed her delight at the opportunity
to continue working with her experienced team.
The Merit System Committee is continuing to support Merit System chapters and those chapters
who are considering the Merit System or inquiring about its advantages.

The Committee is here to assist, also when preparing to establish a MERIT System in your district.
It is an involved process and you will benefit from the experience of skilled members and staff!

Did you know....????
that your Field Office will conduct a training on the MERIT SYSTEM for your chapter members at your district?
A certain number of participants are required.
Team up with neighboring districts for this important training.
Talk to your LRR or give your field office a call.
Don't forget to invite your MERIT System Committee member!

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Without your help, our political work is at a disadvantage!

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