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California Community Colleges
2016 California Community Colleges Classified Employee of the Year Awards
The California Community Colleges Board of Governors honored four outstanding community college employees this week with its 2016 California Community Colleges Classified Employees of the Year award. Three of the recipients are CSEA members.

Governor Brown
Governor releases State Budget's May Revise
Governor Brown released his May Revise update to the January budget proposals. With Proposition 30 scheduled to expire, the Governor stressed the need for fiscal constraint or California could return to the fiscal crisis of several years ago. This is why CSEA supports the Children's Education and Health Care Protection Act of 2016, which will be on the ballot in November.
Press Conference
CSEA coalition launches campaign to prevent school budget cuts
CSEA and our coalition partners officially launched the campaign to pass a November ballot measure aimed at preventing future education budget cuts. The California Children’s Education and Health Care Protection Act of 2016 would maintain adequate funding for education by temporarily extending current income tax rates on the wealthiest 2 percent of Californians.
Champions of Change
Three CSEA members honored at the White House
WASHINGTON, D.C. – The White House recognized twelve school support professionals from across the country as “School Support White House Champions of Change.” Three of the twelve school employees who received this honor are CSEA members: Gary Cooper, Debbi Partridge and Margaret Warder. These individuals were selected by the White House for their leadership and tireless work to ensure that students in our nation’s schools receive the support and motivation they need to be succeed.
Everyday Heroes
Everyday Heroes
Classified school employees are heroes every day in the way they approach life and the people around them, in how they internalize their job and life responsibilities, and in their compassion toward the most vulnerable members of our communities.
2016 Classified School Employees of the Year
Six outstanding classified school employees were recognized by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson for their contributions and dedication to California’s public school students. Five of them are CSEA members.
Supreme Court
California to increase minimum wage to $15 by 2022
Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 3 (Leno) to increase California's minimum wage incrementally to $15 an hour in six years. Approved by the Legislature last week, the bill will increase the state's minimum wage by 50 cents next year and to $11 in 2018. Hourly $1 raises will then come every January until 2022. Association President Ben Valdepena called the bill a historic move to close the divide between rich and poor.
Supreme Court
Supreme Court decision emphasizes importance of 2016 election
The 4-4 split Supreme Court decision regarding the Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association case, reinforces the belief that this year’s election could be our most important yet. The opinions regarding organized labor of future justices – and of the next president who will appoint them – is of extreme importance to CSEA members. The November elections will also determine several other matters impacting classified employees such as the Children’s Education and Health Care Protections Act, bond measures and local school board races.
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