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Professional Development
CSEA Training U

CSEA’s Education and Training department is committed to the development of all members. Whether you’re a CSEA member or CSEA chapter leader, we provide trainings and informational presentations that build professional skills; offer lifestyle advice and help to further develop leadership ability.  

Trainings for all Members
We offer courses in the following areas for all members: Career: Upward Bound; EQ at Work; Lifestyles Matters; Develop Your Inner Leader.

EQ at Work 
(75 maximum participants; 1-2 hours)

True Colors
 - Obtain better understanding of personal traits and learn how to effectively communicate and interact with the traits of others in your professional and personal life.

Group Dynamics
 – Learn how your emotional intelligence can help improve group dynamics and help to maintain a high professional standard in the work place

How to Give a Killer Presentation
 – Overcome your nerve and learn how to prepare and deliver a cohesive presentation.

Get it Done: How to Manage Your Work
 – Learn to prioritize work in order to focus on critical tasks accomplish more.
  Career: Upward Bound
(30 maximum participants; 1-2 hours)

Getting Ready
 – How to identify career options for growth and upward mobility 

Know Where You’re Going
 – Set goals and commit to a plan

Presenting Yourself
 – Write your resume, anticipate interview questions and make the most out of networking
Lifestyle Matters 
(75 maximum  participants; 1-2 hours)

Boomers in Transition
 - Get practical guidance to make the transition from career to retirement.  Learn how to prepare for the emotional, psychological, and social changes of retirement.

Manage your Money Now
 -  Analyze your monthly budget and grow confident in tracking your monthly expenses

Manage your Money Future
 - Identify the different investment options that can help you save money. 

Social Networks: The Hidden Cost of Participation
 – Learn just how much information companies and third parties have on you through your online patterns and why this could be both good and bad.
  Develop Your Inner Leader
(50 maximum  participants; 1-2 hours)

Develop Your Inner Leader
 – Tap into your inner leadership qualities.

Motivate and Influence
 – Motivate people to do what needs to be done.

Building your Network
 – Discover how to use social media to build your leadership network.

CSEA Leadership Skills
 – Discuss CSEA’s leadership roles and competencies.

To request these trainings, complete the Training Request Form

Please note…
  • Training requests forms should be competed a minimum of eight weeks prior to the request date.
  • Requests with 100 or more participants require two or more trainers and separate training rooms.
  • Trainer availability is considered when approving requests.
  • An Education and Training representative may call you to get more details and information regarding your request.
  • Final approvals and confirmation will be sent via email.
  • Cost for Training is charged to the employer for trainings or presentations held during in-service days.  The fees are $5.00 for each classified employee and $15 for each manager or certificated employee.
  • The following requirements are the responsibility of the requestor for every training/presentation unless otherwise noted
    - LCD projector
    - Screen
    - Flip chart paper
    - Speakers
    - Hand held microphone
    - Tables – rounds of six-eight
    - Sign-in registration with typed names of participants

Chapter Leader Development Trainings
The Education and Training Department also offers CSEA’s chapter executive board development training for chapter and chapter leaders. These courses focus on various leadership topics including strategic thinking, communication styles, leadership strengths, and developing influence and are highly interactive and engaging.

If your chapter executive board is interested in enrolling please contact your local field office.