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Welcome to CSEA Education and Training!

Professional Development for Classified Staff

After careful review and analysis the CSEA Single Subject Training Program is in the process of being redeveloped. Over the next few months CSEA will be developing new and contemporary training programs. The new focus of our programs will be to develop leaders, help members achieve upward career mobility and improve the quality of members’ lives.

In the interim we offer the following programs for those interested in providing professional development training for classified employees:

Program Title Description Delivery Method 
True Colors® This interactive workshop promotes positive attitudes, enhances self-identity, builds cooperation, and team cohesiveness. Presentation, True Colors Assessment and Small Group Collaboration
Group Dynamics Participants will learn how to deal with difficult people while maintaining a high professional standard in the work place. Presentation and Video
Public Speaking Learn how to prepare and deliver cohesive presentations. Real-time Participant “Small-Talk”
Managing Priorities This program teaches individuals how to identify and manage work priorities. Simulation and Small Group Collaboration

Who are the Trainers?
The staff trainers research and write all of the educational programs specifically for classified staff. They also use adult-learning methods to ensure that the trainings “stick”. The result is that the programs are instructive, interactive, and fun.

How do I request a training?

  • The Training Request Form should be completed and returned to CSEA a minimum of six weeks before the date of training.   
  • After training requests have been received, an Education and Training Department representative will arrange details with the requestor.
  • Each training request goes through an in-depth review to ensure organizational alignment.
  • Final approval and confirmation of training will be sent to requestor via email. 

What is the fee charged for each class?
Training presented at in-service days is billed to the employer at a nominal fee to help offset the cost of materials and travel.

  • $5 for each classified employee
  • $15 for each manager or certificated employee

The requesting party is also responsible for providing A/V requirements.

  • LCD Projector and Screen, flip chart, and, occasionally, a DVD player and speakers Microphone and speakers for large groups
  • Tables (preferably round for six) with chairs for all participants
  • Sign-in registration with names of participants printed or typed

If I have additional questions, who do I call?

Questions may be directed to the CSEA Education and Training Department: Carrie Reynolds, Member Education/Staff Development Representative at (800) 632-2128 ext. 1333 or e-mail creynolds@csea.com


Carrie Reynolds, Member Education/Staff Development Representative

(800) 632-2128 ext. 1333


Training Request Form