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Member of the Year

CSEA Member of the Year Award

Each year CSEA honors members who go above and beyond in service to students and CSEA with the Member of the Year award.

The purpose of the Member of the Year Program is to recognize the commitment and dedication of classified employees to the students of California, community involvement, and activism in CSEA. Awards are presented each year at CSEA's Annual Conference. Winners are announced in May.

2016 Members of the Year

Tim Ciolkosz
Building Maintenance Mechanic II
Clovis Chapter 250, Region 21, Area E

Darleen Edwards
School Bus Driver
Orange Chapter 67, Region 94, Area H

Patricia Eldridge
School Community Liaison
Santa Clara Chapter 350, Region 43, Area C

Annie Nolen
Campus Supervisor, Retired
Mt Diablo Chapter 43, Region 76, Area C

Christina Valdivia
Administrative Assistant
Rio Chapter 329, Region 8, Area I

More information to come on this years winners.