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Member of the Year

CSEA Member of the Year Award program

The purpose of the CSEA Member of the Year Program is to recognize the commitment and dedication of classified employees to the students of California, community involvement, and activism in our fine union.

Nominees must be an active member in good standing. You will be asked to provide job-related skills, examples of outstanding character, community involvement, and to what extent they are active in the chapter. For example, how much do they volunteer to support the activities of the local chapter, etc.

Nominating a Member of the Year
Nominators must complete the three steps outlined below. First, fill out the nomination form and one of the sections in Step 2. Then, choose three appropriate people to fill out the remaining sections in Step 2. Download and forward the sections to them or direct them to this page (csea.com/moy) and specify which section they need to fill out. Their remarks will help us assess the nominated member’s qualifications. Lastly, follow up to make sure all forms have been submitted.
Step 1
Nomination Form Nomination Form
The nominator must complete and submit this form and one of the following sections.
Download Nomination Form
Step 2
Forward the following sections to the appropriate individuals. All sections must be submitted.
(The nominator must complete and submit one.)
Job Related Factors Section 1: Job Related Factors
To be completed by one of the following:
Co-worker, supervisor/manager or CSEA officer.
Download Section 1
Union involvementSection 3: Union involvement
To be completed by one of the following:
chapter officer or member of local chapter.
Download Section 3
Character Factors Section 2: Character Factors
To be completed by one of the following:
Co-worker, supervisor/manager or CSEA officer.
Download Section 2
Outstanding qualitiesSection 4: Outstanding qualities
To be completed by one of the following:
Appropriate person as determined by the nominating member (i.e., co-worker, supervisor, manager).
Download Section 4

Step 3
Complete Nomination
Follow up to ensure all sections have been submitted. Call (800) 632-2128 x1234 or email moy@csea.com to verify that the Awards Committee has received all of the forms.

Nominations must be postmarked no later than April 1.

Please note: fillable forms are not compatible with Google Chrome. You must download (right-click on the link to save the form to your computer) the form, fill it out with Adobe Acrobat and then submit. Please make sure you are using Acrobat Reader v7.0 or higher.

Nomination Form
The Awards Committee has designed a simplified nomination form which makes it easier to write why you believe the nominee deserves the recognition. 

Remember to fully describe your nominee’s outstanding qualities. Refer to the following example of how critical full explanations can be in awarding points.

Here is a sample of a winning nomination:

Right: “I wish to nominate Joe Member because there is no more committed classified employee and union activist in our chapter. He goes the extra mile to not only ensure that classrooms are regularly cleaned and supplies stocked, but also sets up the meeting room for our chapter every month in the same efficient manner. Those things needing immediate attention for safety reasons are brought to the appropriate person for quick response. He mentors at risk students who might pursue a career in the maintenance and operations field by allowing them to shadow him| and learn skills. They know he cares by his compassionate attitude and how he never turns away students who want to talk to him.”

Wrong: “Joe Member is a really hard worker and deserves recognition.”

Questions and More Information
If you have questions or need more information, e-mail moy@csea.com.


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