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2013 Members of the Year

Five classified school employees honored as CSEA Member of the Year Honorees show unparalleled devotion to their jobs and to education

Each year, CSEA honors members who go above and beyond in service to students and CSEA with the Member of the Year award. 

The five CSEA members selected as 2013's Members of the Year excel on the job, connect with students, and show they care. These individuals understand their role in education. They know that going that extra mile will help students succeed in the long run, and they know that classified employees make a difference. Their supervisors and coworkers recognize their diligence and dedication, and CSEA congratulates them for a job well done.

    Carroll Canada
Projects Secretary
Coalinga Chapter 90

Carroll Canada, a projects secretary for the Coalinga-Huron Joint Unified School District who has worked for the district for nearly 25 years, was lauded by her coworkers for going the extra mile to help the district’s students and families.

Canada, a member of CSEA Coalinga Chapter 90, is able to anticipate the needs of the students and her coworkers and works diligently to ensure the success of the district’s programs and projects. She is described as someone who always thinks of others first.

“Carroll has demonstrated through her actions that she is a caring, considerate, trustworthy, responsible person—which results in people respecting her skills and knowledge in all aspects of her profession, as well as her personal life,” co-worker Gloria Brown said.
    Ron Carson
Maintenance Custodian I
Palermo Chapter 366

Ron Carson was selected a CSEA Member of the Year for his selfless devotion to education, his job and his coworkers.

Carson, a maintenance custodian for the Palermo Union School District, was described as a dedicated worker who looks out for the best interest of those he serves.

On the job, Carson understands that his role is to ensure the safety of the students, whether it’s by keeping the bathrooms a Golden Hills Elementary School clean or by quickly fixing something that needs attention. The teachers who work with him at Golden Hills said that besides doing his job well, he also connects with students and inspires them to learn.
"He jokes with them but I also hear him talking to them in a way that reinforces what we are teaching at school," Golden Hills fourth grade teacher Jan Sykes said. "I feel he is a great role model for them."
    Alicia Evilsizer
Special Education Assistant IV
Vista Unified Chapter 389

Vista Unified School District special education assistant Alicia Evilsizer is admired by those around her for her commitment to students and families.

“In each of my interactions with Ms. Evilsizer, I have been impressed with her resolute focus on the interests of those that we serve,” Vista Unified Superintendent Devin Vodicka said. “This student-centered approach reflects well on the entire Vista Unified School District and helps us to achieve positive results in terms of academic achievement and character development.”

As someone who works with special needs students, Evilsizer is attentive to the needs of individual students. She’s able to connect with the students she serves and has the ability to help them develop the skills they need to succeed.
    Colleen Gamboa
Sr. Payroll Accountant
San Bernardino CCD Chapter 291

Colleen Gamboa, a senior payroll accountant for the San Bernardino Community College District, was recognized for demonstrating only the highest level of integrity, honesty and caring.

“In my time as chancellor of the San Bernardino Community College District, I have come to know Colleen as a strong leader, an outstanding employee and a supportive, collegial member of the district shared governance team,” San Bernardino Community College District Chancellor Bruce Baron said.

On the job, Gamboa is a dedicated professional who is described as hard working and knowledgeable on multiple levels. As the president of San Bernardino CCD Chapter 291, Gamboa has shown an extraordinary desire to promote unity in the workplace and works tirelessly to support the district’s classified employees.
    Bambi Mayfield
Alt. Media Support Specialist
Butte College Chapter 511

Bambi Mayfield, an alternate media support specialist at Butte-Glenn Community College, is described as someone who uses her extensive knowledge and experience to provide an excellent level of service to students.

“She is highly motivated and applies her broad experience and knowledge in a collaborative way to the realization of the college’s mission,” said Jaimie Dillard, director of disabled student programs and services at Butte College.

Mayfield’s coworkers said that she is the "go to" person whenever a student or a colleague needs help. She always maintains a high level of professionalism and uses her intuitiveness to help disabled students grasp information.

Winners were presented their awards at CSEA’s 87th Annual Conference in Las Vegas. A plaque was also  presented to the awardees’ superintendent or designee to be proudly displayed at the district office.

The Awards Committee commends all who nominated a member for this award and would like to encourage member leaders to recognize a deserving member next year.