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2011 Life Member and Honor Roll inductees


Delegates attending CSEA's 85th Annual Conference bestowed the association's highest honor on two longtime members, and named another to the Honor Roll. These three members have contributed immeasurably to CSEA’s success over the past 50 years.

Life Members

Blanche Bispo

Blanche Bispo
Bispo was placed on the Honor Roll in 1984. She has faithfully and continuously served members at area and statewide levels since that time. She has been appointed to the Research and Negotiations Committee, Pre-Retirement Committee (serving as member, then Chair) and Judicial Panel for 10 years (again, as member and ultimately as Chair).

Even into retirement, Bispo’s constant dedication has such a positive impact on members statewide. She has served as Assistant District E Director for the Retiree Unit. Those who are lucky enough to witness and be the recipient of the generosity of members who remain active like Bispo are the beneficiaries of her extraordinary example of how and why members remain valiant in their involvement in our union.

Catherine Hluza

Catherine Hluza
Hluza was placed on the Association Honor Roll in 2002. She has served from local to state level and continues into retirement that extraordinary commitment and dedication to members statewide. Hluza currently serves on the state Budget Committee, previously acting as Chair for 14 years. She has served as President of the local Retiree Council since 2004. She has also served on or has been a member of the PACE and Resolutions committees. Hluza has been recognized by the State Legislature for her contribution to education.

Hluza has always been kind, courteous and professional whether to co-workers, fellow members or the community at large. She is exactly who the association wants to exemplify what life membership is all about.

Honor Roll

Maxine Shepard

Maxine Shepard
Shepard has served CSEA for more than 50 years. She has a rich history of getting familiar with CSEA. In the 1960s when Riverside Unified School District’s Maintenance and Operations Department had an organizing meeting, she joined, only to be the only non-M&O worker in the group. Eventually the M&O workers voted to join AFSCME. She dropped her membership and became active in the California Association of Educational Office Employees. At one of their conferences, she spotted a CSEA member and asked how she could join CSEA. Shepard then actively organized Riverside Chapter 506 with five elementary school secretaries and one instructional assistant. Today, the chapter has over 500 members and represents all classified employees within the district.

Shepard served five years as Region 33’s Regional Representative, and was appointed Area F’s representative on three state committees. She was involved in the formation of the Retiree Unit and has now served 10 years as District Director for District F. This type of long-standing service deserves recognition.



Life Member and Honor Roll
General Information Bulletin No. 41-10 explains the guidelines and procedures for nominating candidates for Life Member and Honor Roll awards 
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