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Communication Awards

Every year, CSEA’s Communications Committee recognizes CSEA communicators for their outstanding print and electronic communications. Winners are selected for up to 18 award categories.

Even if you are just starting out, it’s a good idea to enter the competition. You’ll receive constructive feedback from the Communications Committee judges. Some of their comments might help you with your future communication tool, whether it be a printed newsletter, an electronic newsletter, Web site or flyer. Entering the competition will also make you more familiar with the priorities and criteria that CSEA is looking for in its chapter communications.

Award categories
Awards are given for each of the different communication tools: Print, E-Newsletter, Web, and Flyer.

 The “Award of Excellence” is awarded to the communicator who receives the highest overall ranking based on the criteria for his/her communication tool.

The “Award of Distinction” is awarded to the best in specific subcategories, such as Design, News Article, Editorial, and Use of Photography.

Entries are evaluated based on criteria—such as content and design— established for each specific category.

2015 Communication Award Winners
To view last year's winning entries, download Publication 127.

CSEA Communications Award presentation