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Features and Profiles

Members help a community heal
Members from throughout the state joined together in Weed in early August to revitalize a playground at Weed Elementary School. Member volunteers—27 in all—from Weed, Mt. Shasta, Doris, Sacramento, Redding, Happy Camp, and even as far as Orange County painted the Peaceful Playground.

Bus driver of the year
It takes nerves of steel and the patience of a saint to drive a school bus. Monterey COE Chapter 35 member Greg Perez was lauded for both and more when he was named the 2015 California Highway Patrol Bus Driver of the Year.

The power of unity
By being involved with CSEA, members learn the importance of helping one another. That’s why joining community service organizations or volunteering their time to help out in the community is common among classified school employees.

Caring about the well-being and success of students
Besides performing jobs that are essential to education, classified school employees also make students feel secure and provide the guidance and reassurance to help them thrive.

Parking officer helps others
Patricia Carver, a parking enforcement officer at Shasta College and a member of Shasta College Chapter 381, is always ready to help.

Professionals on the job
Students arrive safely at school, lights turn on when a switch is flipped, a nutritious lunch is served to hungry kids, computers transmit important information across a school district, and cool air comes out of vents during late spring days.

Community benefits from members’ team outreach program
CSEA members are known for taking an active role in their communities, but for members of ALACO Chapter 615, it’s a group effort.

Smiles mandatory
There’s a rule on John “Orlando” Sanchez’s bus—you’ve got to smile when you get on.

Education with a special touch
From classroom instruction to transportation, office administration, food service and more, classified employees throughout the state help students with autism in a variety of settings.

Paraeducators are key to student achievement
Paraeducators are key members of the teaching team; the backbone, heart and soul of the school.

Features and Profiles
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