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Parking enforcement officer is ready, willing, always a good citizen
Helping others drives Patricia Carver toward volunteerism

Patricia Carver, a parking enforcement officer at Shasta College and a member of Shasta College Chapter 381, is always ready to help. 

“My community is so small,” she said. “We do the best we can, but more often than not, we really need the help.”

To that end, Carver volunteers for just about everything. Weeknights, she serves as a volunteer usher for the Redding Convention Center. If someone needs her assistance, she’s ready to spring into action.

“For the most part people just need help and I’m here to do what I can,” Carver said.

Carver’s passion is helping. Working as a fundraising volunteer, she provides valuable assistance to the Shasta Women’s Refuge. She enjoys knowing her help goes toward raising the money the organization needs to keep going.

“Without the two main events we put on each year, the Women’s Refuge wouldn’t be able to provide such important support to women hurt by domestic violence,” she said.

In the fall, Carver works the annual Cornucopia, a business-oriented food and wine tasting and sampling event that includes a silent auction.

“I make sure everything with the silent auction goes smoothly,” said Carver.

During the spring, Carver is always front and center to assist with the event. “Whatever I can do to help!” she said.

Carver also belongs to the Trails and Bikeways Council of Greater Redding. Last year, the group cleaned up several tons of trash.

“If we all just picked up after ourselves, everything would be a lot cleaner,” Carver said. “It really is simple. Someone has to do it — I guess it’s me.”

That’s a mantra for Carver, who also donates blood regularly.

“I was doing it every eight weeks, but the doctors told me I was getting a bit run down, so I spaced it out a little,” she said.

Carver’s passion for community involvement extends to CSEA as well. She has served as chapter president, job steward, regional representative and as a job steward mentor. She’s even applied for the statewide job steward mentor program.

Carver’s greatest hope is that as she gets older and is able to step back, newer and younger members will take the lead.

“It has been wonderful to see so many ‘newbies’ getting involved,” she said. “I’ll always be here to help, of course. I’ll be here until I drop.”

Carver finds it a little awkward to accept praise for her volunteerism.

“I just do things to help other people. Isn’t that what being a good human being is all about?”

Still, her wheels are always turning as she constantly thinks about what else she can do to help others.

“Most things in life take a group effort,” she said. “It’s always better with a solid group behind you, just like negotiating with a district. If management knows you are all in sync, you can do just about anything.”

Patricia Carver