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Merit System Committee
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Merit System Committee

The purpose of the Merit System Committee is 

to assist merit system chapters by sharing information pertinent to merit system chapters,
including the development of commission rules and regulations, budget, and commissioner appointments.
The Committee is also charged with providing necessary and relevant specialized training for merit system chapters
 and proposing legislation specific to merit system chapters that will protect employee rights under the merit system law


contact us by

e-mail: cseamerit@gmail.com

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 CSEA Member Bilbrey for CalPERS Board

Remember to vote in the CalPers elections. This year, more than ever, it is important for CSEA members to vote.

Click here for Bilbrey's Bio

Michael Bilbrey and David Miller are the best choices for CalPERS.
Support their campaigns for the pension system's Board of Administration.

Click here for information about CalPERS Board Elections

A successful Conference has been completed. A productive week came to an end.
if you missed it or want to relive the activities, please click on the linkt below, for the daily updates and pictures.

Congratulations on the election and re-election of the CSEA Association Board of Directors.
Click here to familiarize yourself with the current officers.

Click here for Conference Information

Did you know....????
that your Field Office will conduct a training on the MERIT SYSTEM for your chapter members at your district?
A certain number of participants are required.
Team up with neighboring districts for this important training.
Talk to your LRR or give your field office a call.

Committee members have been made aware, that some chapters are contemplating the pros and cons of being a Merit district. Please let us know how e can assist you. We are happy to provide you with some facts about the MERIT system. Please see the Training Power Point presentations. They may assist you as well.

Did you join the Victory Club or increase your monthly contribution?
Without your help, our political work is at a disadvantage!

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