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Alliance for Retired Americans
The Alliance for Retired Americans mobilizes retired union members and other senior and community activists into a nationwide grassroots movement advocating a progressive political and social agenda.

American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) CSEA is an independently chartered union of the AFL-CIO, which includes more than 13 million of America ’s workers in 60 member unions working in virtually every part of the economy.

American Labor Studies Center
The American Labor Studies Center (ALSC) is a not-for-profit organization specializing in labor studies materials. ALSC serves as reference on labor history, organization, activities, and issues affecting workers and their unions.

Union Communication Services Inc., sponsor of this site, has been publishing and distributing education, training and communication materials for unions across North America since 1980.

California Alliance for Public Schools
The California Alliance for Public Schools is a non-profit organization with the mission to promote and protect our public schools.

California Department of Education
This site links to many other sites which may be of interest to CSEA members. You can find statistical and financial information and grant information among many other things. This is a must see site!

California Health Care Coalition
The California Health Care Coalition is a growing network of unions, health and welfare trust funds and employers dedicated to implementing effective solutions to the health care cost crisis and the adverse pressure it places on profits, wages and retirement funds, health access and quality of care.

CaliforniaLabor Federation
The California Labor Federation is the state AFL-CIO, with more than 1,300 affiliated local unions, including CSEA. The CLF represents 2.1 million union members in education, manufacturing, service, retail, construction, public sector and private industry.

California Labor History Map
This interactive Web site enables users to explore, by location, date, or text search, over 1200 key events in the state’s labor history that have affected the lives of working people. Detailed short essays describe the larger historical context surrounding many of these events.

California School Boards Association

Want to know what is important to the CSBA? Go to this site. There is information on their policies, the CSBA Exchange which is their BBS and links to other sites which may be interesting.

California Public Employee Relations Program (CPER)

The California Public Employee Relations Program (CPER) conducts public sector employment relations research, both at statewide and national levels; publishes the bimonthly California journal CPER and the CPER pocket guide series; and provides reference and consultation services. 

California State Assembly
This site provides information on current legislation, members, and staff of the the California State Assembly and California State Senate. Full texts of all bills as well as votes and analyses are here.

California Public Employees' Retirement System is the largest public pension system in the nation, with more than $140 billion in assets. Headquartered in Sacramento, CalPERS provides retirement and health benefits to more than 1 million state and local public employees, retirees, and their families.

Chancellor's Office
Want to know more about how the California Community Colleges system operates? Interested in how the polices affecting the community college system are developed and implemented? Visit the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office site.

Community College League of California
The Community College League of California site provides valuable information for those interested in community college district governance, education programs, research and policy analysis, fiscal services programs, governmental relations, communications, and other issues affecting community colleges.

California's premiere public education job search web site.

Th is an independent, not-for-profit organization in California, established in 1977 to provide impartial clarification of complex K-12 education issues. EdSource Online provides a well-researched and comprehensive range of information on K-12 education policy and school reform issues, with current news and links to numerous state and national education databases.

Education Coalition
The Education Coalition (Web site: protectourstudents.org) represents more than 1.7 million parents, teachers, school board members, school employees and administrators. CSEA is a member of the Ed Coalition.

Education Code
Take a look at this comprehensive searchable site which will allow you to explore California Law. The site consists of 29 codes, covering various subject areas, the State Constitution and Statutes. Information presented reflects laws currently in effect. You can also access the California Education Code via it's Table of Contents.

Healthy Families
The Healthy Families Program is a state and federally funded health coverage program for children with family incomes above the level eligible for no cost Medi-Cal and below 250% of the federal income guidelines ($38,160 for a family of three).

Labor Arts
Labor Arts presents powerful images that help us understand the past and present lives of working people.

National Clearinghouse for Paraeducator Resources
Full text resources and articles for paraeducators

OneCareNow.org is a grassroots campaign to educate millions of Californians and build massive support for passage of universal healthcare in California.

Outreach and Technical Assistance Network
The Outreach and Technical Assistance Network provides electronic collaboration, access to information, and technical assistance for literacy and adult education providers in California.

Teach California
A program of the California Department of Education, whose centerpiece is their Web site. This unique, free interactive Web site provides people young and old, regardless of their background, with what they need to know and to do to become a California teacher.  

United Auto Workers: List of  American-Made, Union-Made Vehicles
Support union jobs in the U.S. Check out the current list of vehicles built by union members
in the United States & Canada