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Member Benefits Committee

CSEA's Member Benefits Committee is comprised of CSEA member leaders from throughout the state who monitor all of the insurance and consumer discount programs CSEA offers members, as well as educate chapter leaders and members as to the value that CSEA membership holds in these areas, especially the opportunity to potentially return a member’s dues dollars through the savings realized by the programs offered.  The committee serves at the will of the association president and makes recommendations through him/her to the Board of Directors on approved or sponsored programs.

"Improving the lives of our members, families, and community"

K. C. Jimenez

Your Member Benefits Committee has hit the ground running this year. We have been busy planning our calendar and strategies on how to get the word out to you, the membership, about the great discounts and services available.  We are excited to share the awesome discounts and services CSEA currently has in addition to new programs CSEA is working on.  All to expand the options you and your family have when shopping for goods and services.

It makes good financial sense to compare value and be an informed consumer when making decisions that affect your future or the future of your loved ones.

Your Member Benefits committee is here to help and happy to connect you with any one of our many benefit providers for further assistance.

The holidays are just around the corner.  Member Benefits has some wonderful gift certificates and discount tickets that all ages and lifestyles can enjoy



Tap Into Your Union Plus Benefits 


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