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Important information about the new
Diastat law


The new Diastat law goes into effect on January 1, 2012. As you know, CSEA and other labor and health organizations, fought hard against SB 161 relating to Diastat. Despite all of our efforts, the bill was signed into law.  Fortunately, CSEA was able to get some important protections for classified school employees  included in the legislation.

The most important protection is that this is a completely voluntary duty and school districts cannot coerce or retaliate against any employee for not volunteering. The other protections written into the law include greater protection against liability, specific opt out provisions, detailed notice requirements, and required training to name a few.

Diastat is a medication that is rectally injected to an epileptic child in the middle of a seizure.  CSEA and other school employee groups strongly opposed this bill but were unable to convince the governor to veto it in October. Prior to SB 161, only appropriately licensed health care professionals could inject Diastat to epileptic students who have seizures at school.

For more information, read CSEA’s comprehensive analysis of SB 161 (PDF)

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