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Have you done your part to get a good contract?

Many CSEA chapters throughout the state are now in the process of negotiating their contracts. As a bargaining unit member, you can do a lot to help your negotiations team get a good contract.

If you want to help increase your pay, improve your benefits and protect your workplace rights, here are some ways you can contribute.

  • Talk to at least two co-workers about contract negotiations and encourage them to get involved.
  • Attend your chapter meetings to keep abreast of bargaining developments and any collective actions your chapter leaders might be planning.
  • Volunteer to help update the chapter hotline or to set up a telephone tree to keep your co-workers informed about negotiations.
  • Help produce and distribute communications materials. You could count and sort flyers, make picket signs, help with the chapter newsletter mailing or clip articles about the campaign from local newspapers.
  • If you have special skills or hobbies, lend them to your union. You could cook food for CSEA events or take pictures of rallies.

There is a lot more to negotiations than simply going to the bargaining table to negotiate. Lots of little tasks can become overwhelming unless there are lots of people to get them done. Talk to your chapter leaders today about how you can volunteer.