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Changing face of California schools

California school districts are cutting more and more services traditionally provided to help our students succeed. Everything from home-to-school transportation to nutritional services, to counseling and after-school programs has been reduced or eliminated because of funding shortages.

How important are these services? How does providing support services outside of the classroom really impact what happens in the classroom?

In this series, we examine some of the programs that school districts have conventionally provided to help California’s students achieve. Most of these services—generally provided by classified school employees—are in danger of vanishing because districts are continually being asked to tighten their belts by a state government that repeatedly fails to provide enough funds to keep these services alive.

Part 1: The big yellow school bus eliminated by budget cuts
Everyday, 940,000 of California’s public school students hop on the big yellow bus that delivers them to their educational sanctuary. Most people would agree that safety is a top reason why school buses are indispensable, but despite the positive aspects of school buses, some districts are reducing school transportation or eliminating the service altogether...More

Part 2: Districts strive to provide nutritious meals despite cutbacks
When students are in school, it’s guaranteed that they are safe and will undoubtedly learn something new. If students eat a school breakfast or lunch, it’s guaranteed that the meals they receive are nutritious. Even though the state is tightening standards on what schools can serve, districts have to deal with the financial impact of having to serve better meals with less money...More

Part 3: How budget cuts are forcing school districts to cut library services
School libraries are sanctuaries where students can dig through large volumes of information. They are the only places in schools where all students have equal access to all of the books, media equipment and periodicals. Unfortunately, because of the cuts schools have to make to maintain balanced budgets in the face of less state funding, school libraries are suffering...More

Part 4: Schools cutting critical campus security staff
The safety of students and staff is the top priority of a school. School districts employ CSEA members to maintain safe environments, remove disruptive students and prevent dangerous situations. However, Campus security staff are the first that some school districts are cutting to save money in the face of reduced funding from the state...More

Part 5: Maintenance and operations cutbacks hurting schools
Many school districts have reduced their maintenance and operations staff to a bare minimum. When handling emergencies and fixing what’s broken is all these workers can do, preventative maintenance gets put on hold, posing health hazards and costing school districts money in the long run...More

Changing face of schools

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