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Governor signs CSEA sponsored legislation



Governor Jerry Brown signed all four CSEA-sponsored bills that reached his desk at the end of the 2012 legislative session. CSEA members and staff worked hard through the last days of the session to ensure the passage and signature of all of CSEA's sponsored legislation.


The four bills signed into law, which take effect on January 1, 2013, are:

  • 60-Day Layoff Notice: Assembly Bill 1908, by Assembly Member Luis Alejo, which extends the current 45-day layoff notice to 60 days for classified school employees. AB 1908 provides classified school employees two additional weeks of notification in the event that a district determines that layoffs must happen.
  • Right to Reasonable Release Time: Assembly Bill 1203, by Assembly Member Tony Mendoza, which allows school districts to provide release time for classified employees who are not elected officers of their union as long as the union provides reasonable notice and pays all the costs associated with granting release time. This may be needed occasionally when a non-elected member may be better suited for specific activities (such as to testify at hearings on a topic related to their expertise), or to participate in their organization's activities.
  • Permanent Employment: Assembly Bill 2307, by Assembly Member Betsy Butler, which specifies that an employee who is placed on the 39-month re-employment list and is subsequently re-employed in a new position retains the right to be returned to the re-employment list if they fail to complete the probationary period in the new position. While some districts return employees who do not successfully complete their probation in the new position to the 39-month re-employment list, the practice is not consistent across districts and AB 2307 makes the practice uniform.
  • Eligibility for County Board of Education Election: Assembly Bill 1662, by Assembly Member Paul Fong, which allows school employees to run for county boards of education where they reside, as long as it is not within the jurisdiction of the district where they work. This allows CSEA members to run for county boards, while avoiding questions of conflict of interest.