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Election 2016
Support education in the June Primary

With all of the attention on the presidential election this November, it’s easy to forget that California has an important primary election on June 7.

First of all, don’t forget to vote! There are a number of local and state races of immense importance to classified employees and working families across the state. Secondly, help us spread the word about the candidates for California Assembly, Senate, and U.S. Congress CSEA is supporting. All of these candidates have been identified by CSEA’s Political Action for Classified Employees Committee (PACE) as top priorities for the June Primary Election.

“It’s crucial this election season to support candidates that believe in public education and embrace the working-class values that have made California so great,” Association President Ben Valdepeña said. “Call your field office today and ask how you can help elect these candidates below and make a difference this election.”

Contact your field office for information on how to get involved.

Register to Vote

The deadline to register to vote in the June Primary in May, 23, 2016.