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CSEA Boycott List

Under Policy 122, the CSEA Board of Directors may encourage boycott activities by the membership against a company or organization which engages in anti-worker activities and is deemed to be detrimental toward CSEA and its members.


The official CSEA Boycott List is updated quarterly and distributed to chapters in a General Information Bulletin. Currently, CSEA encourages its members to boycott the following companies and organizations:

Hostess Brands
Best Western-Grosvenor Resort
The Blue Man Group
Grand Hotel Minneapolis
Hornblower Cruises (includes Alcatraz ferry)
Doral Golf Resort and Spa (Miami, Florida)
Emerald Pointe (Lake Lanier, Georgia)
La Quinta Resort and Club (Palm Springs, California)
PGA West (Palm Springs, California)
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.
Hyatt Regency Sacramento
Los Angeles Airport Hilton and Towers
Monterey Bay Travelodge (Fairgrounds)
New Otani Hotel & Garden
Wilshire Plaza
Woodfin Suites Hotel Emeryville

CSEA supports other boycotts
CSEA also supports the boycott lists (do not patronize lists) of the AFL-CIO and California Labor Federation.

AFL-CIO boycott list

California Labor Federation boycott list

Hyatt Hurts 

Sign the pledge to boycott Hyatt
More than 5,000 organizations and individuals have pledged to honor the Hyatt Boycotts. Learn about the coalition and sign the pledge here.