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Administrative Professionals Week

Administrative Professionals Week

April 19—25, 2015

Recognize the contributions of school secretaries and other administrative professionals. Administrative Professionals Day is April 22.

CSEA is proud to represent thousands of administrative professionals in public schools and community colleges. At the school site, these classified employees are the link between parents, teachers and administrators. They ensure that the rest of the school staff has the information and materials to do their job efficiently. They guide school personnel in following federal and state regulations and they listen to parents and students and aid them with their concerns.

Administrative Professionals Week was originally organized in 1952 as "National Secretaries Week" by the National Secretaries Association. It was established as an effort to recognize secretaries for their contributions in the workplace, and to attract people to administrative careers. The names were changed to Administrative Professionals Week and Administrative Professionals Day to keep pace with changing job titles and the expanding responsibilities of today’s administrative workforce.


Administrative Professionals (PDF 129KB)
Financial Aid Professionals (PDF (117KB)
Fiscal Professionals (PDF 155KB)