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Classified School Employee Week is May 17—23, 2015

Since 1986, California has taken the third week in May to honor the invaluable contributions of classified school employees.

Classified School Employee Week began as a resolution at CSEA’s Annual Conference in 1984. Two years later, it was adopted as California Senate Bill 1552 and decreed to be an official recognition of classified school employees. Today, CSEA members celebrate the week with picnics, barbecues and other social events. At work, many members wear CSEA shirts and other symbols of union pride.

Celebrating classified school employees
From the time students board a school bus to the time they head home at the end of the day, every aspect of their educational experience is impacted by a classified school employee.

Classified school employees play crucial roles in education. From transporting and feeding students to teaching them vital skills and ensuring that schools are operating smoothly, classified employees are integral to public education.

California’s Legislature recognizes the important contributions of classified school employees and named the third full week of May “Classified School Employee Week” (CSEW) to honor these contributions.

CSEW Tool Kit
CSEW provides us with an opportunity to show our pride in the work we do and to expand public awareness of the contributions classified employees make to public education. The CSEW Tool Kit provides suggested activities, sample board resolutions, news releases and resources...Coming Soon
  Inspiring Generations
This year’s CSEW theme is “Inspiring Generations” since classified school employees are in a unique position to mentor students and celebrate their success. Classified employees often take on volunteer roles as coaches, group advisors and leaders because they genuinely care about the well being of students. They know that they can help create a better future for everyone by helping today’s students grow into tomorrow’s leaders...More
  History of Classified School Employee Week
In 1986, Senate Bill 1552 permanently solidified Classified School Employee Week as an annual week of statewide recognition. Bill sponsor William Campbell said, “I urge all citizens to work closely to take time out and to think about school days and recall the efforts of the bus drivers, secretaries, custodians and all the other classified staff they met and knew...More
TV ads celebrate classified employees
CSEA's television ads created for Classified Employee Week are intended to educate the public about the essential services provided by classified school employees and the vital contribution they make California’s students and schools...More

Appreciating Classified Employees (ACE) program
CSEW TV ad Inspiring Generations Michael Bilbrey