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CSEA's 90th Annual Conference

Aug. 1-4, 2016
San Jose, CA

CSEA’s 90th Annual Conference will be held at the San Jose Convention Center Aug. 1-4, 2016. More than 2,000 CSEA members, staff and guests are expected to attend this landmark event just minutes from CSEA Headquarters. Dedicated classified employees from all over California will share ideas, debate and vote on resolutions, adopt a budget and present awards for outstanding service and achievement and set the leadership, legislative and budgetary direction of the union.

Democracy in action

All conference delegates are CSEA members who are locally elected or appointed by members of the chapter they are representing. They will spend the week gathering information and casting votes on behalf of their chapter. In addition to the formally scheduled events, the conference presents members with a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, share problems and solutions, and network with colleagues from around the state.

Education Days

Conference offers educational opportunities and special forums for delegates. Expert presenters teach workshops and seminars on an array of relevant subjects during CSEA’s Education Days. These workshops provide members with practical knowledge that they can use on the job and share with members in their home chapters. Additional forums are held for specific groups, including community college employees, county office of education employees and others.  
Delegates will debate and vote on resolutions, which are formally submitted proposals that are often written by local chapters to determine policies and priorities for the union. Resolutions can range from unfinished business and fiscal matters to general policy and proposed legislation.

Business and financial

Conference delegates will review the association’s budget with great detail to ensure that members’ dues money is being spent appropriately and with the greatest return to members. The next CSEA budget will not go forward until these members approve it with a majority vote.

Awards and honors

CSEA will honor its most outstanding members throughout the week with the presentation of several awards, including Life Member and Honor Roll, Members of the Year, Activist of the Year, Communication Awards, Wally Blice (political action), Circle of Stars (Victory Club growth), Humanitarian of the Year and Membership Unity Program (chapter organizing).

Provider area

CSEA benefit providers will set up table top displays with information on exclusive consumer discounts and programs available only to CSEA members.

Military tribute

A popular feature of the conference is CSEA’s tribute members and family who have serve in the military. If you have a loved one serving in the armed forces, send the name, rank, branch of service and a photo and it will included in a tribute to be shown at conference. E-mail information to Jody Bell at jbell@csea.com.

Questions and information

If you have any questions, contact your area representative on the Conference Committee, Chair Roy Hartnell at rhartnell@sbcglobal.net or Committee Coordinator Jody Bell at jbell@csea.com.

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