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Allan Clark

Delegates award CSEA’s highest honors


Delegates at the 87th Annual Conference bestowed CSEA’s most prestigious honors on Wednesday, awarding Life Membership to Association President Allan Clark and Dayton Smith, Napa Solano Retiree Council 5029 President. Retiree Unit District C Director Pat Bollin and Conference Committee Chair Roy Hartnell were also named to the CSEA Honor Roll.

Simply put, Life Membership is the highest honor that can be awarded to a CSEA member. President Clark has devoted the past 23 years to CSEA at the regional and state levels, and has spent the past four years as Association President. Rising up through the ranks at Riverbank Chapter 31, Clark’s passion for the rights of working men and women and charismatic leadership have inspired fellow members to join the fight and stand up for classified employees.

Under Clark’s leadership, the association weathered some of the most difficult times in its 87-year history, organized the membership to fight some of the biggest political battles ever faced, and won major victories that benefit classified employees, students and the entire state of California. Every step of the way, Clark lead by example, making countless phone calls and knocking on thousands of doors.

“This is a very humbling experience,” Clark said. “I will remember this day for the rest of my life.”

Smith was awarded Life Membership for his tireless dedication to CSEA while both an active and retired member. He was placed on the Association Honor Roll in 2000. Currently a retiree council president, Smith’s work in establishing Area Institutes and retreats has helped promote excellent leadership programs throughout the state.

“It’s really humbling to be here,” Smith said. “Nothing’s more rewarding than being selected by your peers, and I thank you.”

Placement on the CSEA Honor Roll is the second highest honor awarded by the association—a recognition only awarded to a select few who have demonstrated the highest level of commitment to CSEA. Bollin has been active regionally and statewide for 26 years. Her political activism on behalf of classified employees has been nearly unparalleled. As a local leader, Bollin spent nearly her entire work life tirelessly advocating on behalf of working people statewide. Her activism continued after retirement, and she now sits on the Retiree Unit Executive Board. Bollin said her husband and children have always supported her activism with CSEA.

“We all know you can’t do it without your family,” Bollin said.

Currently the chair of the Conference Committee, Hartnell has been involved at the state and regional level for nearly 25 years. A longtime member of Lucia Mar Chapter 275, Hartnell helped lead his members through a protracted dispute with district management—one that the chapter won even after he moved on from chapter leadership. As Conference Committee chair, Hartnell’s mild-mannered and detail-oriented style inspires respect from everyone he works with.

“It’s been a wonderful time. I’ve learned so much,” Hartnell said. “I hope that in the places I’ve participated that I’ve been able to make your experience better.”

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