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2013 Conference Photos

If you did not pick up your photos at conference, you can order them from http://csea.gerlinde.co.

  • Sunday 7/28/13Last Updated On: 7/29/2013

    Delegates arrive and register at conference (26 photos).

    • Monday 7/29/13Last Updated On: 7/30/2013

      Opening Ceremonies (19 photos).

      • Tuesday 7/30/13Last Updated On: 7/31/2013

        CSEA delegates get down to business on resolutions and present awards to outstanding members (23 Photos).

        • Wednesday 7/31/13Last Updated On: 8/1/2013

          On T-shirt day, delegates finish action on resolutions, present more awards and rally with culinary workers (33 photos).

          • Thursday 8/1/13Last Updated On: 8/2/2013

            CA presents legislative awards, delegates attend final Ed Day workshops of the week (13 photos).