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County Office of Education Committee
The purpose of the County Office of Education Committee is to research, educate, communicate and network regarding the issues and concerns of the County Office of Education Chapters providing a liaison between members, Board of Directors, committees, Governmental Relations and the legislature, while acknowledging the differences and similarities of County Offices of Education, Community Colleges, and K–12’s.

Meet the Committee Members

David Gaboni, Chair, COE Committee

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  David Gaboni is a Maintenance Custodian for the Monterey County Office of Education. His work site is in King City at Gabilan School for Exceptional Children, where he has worked for 22 years.  His education includes a Bachelors of Arts from Chapman University and Associate of Arts from Hartnell Community College.  He is a graduate from King City High School and currently sits on the school board.

He is very involved in CSEA at both the State and local levels.  He Chairs the COE Committee for the State, where he has held different State position for 6 years.  His local chapter is Monterey COE chapter 35. Area C, Region 70. He sits on the Negotiation Team and is Chief Steward for his chapter.  He is a 2015 graduate of The Organizational Institute, and has served on committees to revamp the Union Steward Training Program.  

He has received many awards from his South Bay Field Office.  Service Award, 2015, 2016. Union Activist award, 2013 and Political Activist award 2016.  He also received, Member Of The Year in 2015, from the Monterey County Office of Education.                                                                                                           

He is Vice-President of the Monterey County School Board Association and a member of the California School Board Association, “CSBA”. He is Clerk for his School Board and has graduated from Masters in Governance Trainings in 2015.  His Term is up in 2020 for the School Board and 2019 as Vice-President for MCSBA.

David resides in Monterey County on his family's Ranch.   His Ranch is located near Santa Lucia Mountain Range, it boarders Fort Hunter Liggett and Los Padres National Forest. He is a fifth generation rancher. Family started homesteading ranch in 1800’s on a Mission land grant.  

He has three beautiful grandkids who call him PeePaw one daughter and a son-in-law who live in California.

Veronica Rosales, Committee Member

I have lived in Gridley, CA for 42 years. I am lucky to have one wonderful son and daughter in law. I have 2 grandsons and one on the way. In my spare time I enjoy my grandsons. They are involved in wrestling and football.  It takes up any time I think I might have.

I have been working for Butte County office of Education going on 37 years. I work for Migrant Education Program Region 2. I am a Migrant Recruiter. I enroll migrant families into our program. I am very involved in the union. I have served on the COE State Committee for 6 years. I serve as President of Chapter #436. Our chapter covers from Galt to the Oregon border and all the way to the coast. It is a challenge to say the least. I was chosen to get the first Humanitarian Award from CSEA.

Ruth Gloria, Committee Member

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My name is Ruth Gloria, I am in my second term as a volunteer for Area E, Region 17, CSEA State Appointed County Office Of Education Committee Member. I retired from the Stanislaus County Office of Education, Modesto, after 15 years of employment. I was actively involved in my chapter and was the Chapter #668 Vice President for seven years and prior to that served as chapter secretary for two years. We all know, once we join CSEA and serve in an official capacity you wear many hats - served as Pre-retirement Resource Person, Negotiations Team member, White Collar Job Steward, and CSEA Central Labor Task Force. I received the 2014 Activist Award for the River Delta Field Office being recognized for the Pre-retirement Seminars hosted and co-sponsored by CSEA and Stanislaus County Office of Education; open to management and classified unit members, making our seminars unique and well attended with over 300+ in attendance. I am also a member of the CSEA Retiree Unit Council 5010 and have been appointed to chair the Membership Committee.

I have been married for 46 years and have two children, and six grandchildren who keep me very busy with soccer, basketball and baseball games. In June, I will be going to Cooperstown, N.Y. to attend my grandson, Camden Miller's baseball tournament.

As a COE Committee member, I will strive to research, educate, communicate and network regarding the issues and concerns of the COE Chapters -- providing a liaison between members and our CSEA State level. I thank you, CSEA members and our Association President, Ben Valdepena, and COE Chair, David Gaboni, for this privilege.

Katie Andersen, Committee Member

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Katie Andersen is an Outdoor Education Program Specialist at Cuyamaca Outdoor School, and a proud member of the San Diego County Office of Education Chapter 568. She began her volunteer term on the County Office of Education Committee in the Fall of 2017.

Katie is a native San Diegan, but spent her college years in Northern California at Sonoma State University where she earned a BA in Environmental Studies before returning home to work on her teaching credential at San Diego State.

As a COE Committee Member, Katie wants to be a voice to help research, educate, and communicate the needs of the County Office of Ed employees to the greater CSEA community and its Board of Directors.

When she's not busy volunteering for CSEA, she is serving as board secretary for the California Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (AEOE). She enjoys spending her free time with her husband and their two dogs camping, rock climbing, going to the beach and spending time in nature. She is also loves to crochet!

LCFF Funding
Ever wonder how your COE is funded by the state? Click here to see how!

On-Line Voting: Is it an Option for our Chapter?

On-line balloting for chapter elections is now available to any chapter who wants to participate.  Prior to a chapter conducting an election via online balloting, the chapter’s membership and CSEA must approve the appropriate constitutional amendments. Sample chapter constitution language for on-line balloting for executive board officer and ratification elections is available from the Executive Department at CSEA Headquarters.

Once the constitution has been properly amended, pursuant to Policy 601, the chapter election committee works with the Executive Department in order to request, receive, create, send out, and review the results of the on-line balloting.

On-line balloting can be a good method for ensuring that all your members have an opportunity to vote on chapter elections and contract negotiations. If you have any questions, please contact your regional representative who can put you in touch with the CSEA Executive Department. 

Newest Version of the Compensation Study is Now Available

Click here to view the 2017 version of the CSEA Compensation Study.

COE Highlighted Members from Siskiyou COE 611 –

A Brave and Scary Day
On September 13, 2014, fueled by a fierce wind, a giant fire began in the small mountain community of Weed.  The fire began just south of the Weed Elementary and Weed High Schools and would eventually become known as the Boles Fire. That day some truly incredible women from Siskiyou COE Chapter 611 risked everything to ensure that their “children” were safe...Read More


Did you know that when a COE is developing their Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), one of the main procedural requirements they must follow is to consult with school employees, local bargaining units, parents, and students.  Also known as stakeholders!   

Stakeholder engagement is the LCAP's first section.  Putting it first reflects the significant role that engagement of these stakeholders plays to support student performance.  The type of stakeholder engagement promoted by the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) or LCAP is not the "check the box" or "sign in list" variety.  Rather, there is an expectation of authentic engagement that leads to a multi-faceted and community wide effort to support a productive, student-oriented learning community.

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