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Access for Infants and Mothers Program (AIM)

The AIM Program provides low-cost health care coverage for pregnant women and their newborns. It has been designed for families in the middle-income bracket who don’t have health insurance and whose income is too high to qualify for no-cost Medi-Cal. AIM is also available to those who have health insurance, but only if the maternity-only deductible or co-payment is more than $500.

What services are covered?
The AIM Program covers all your medically necessary services from the time you are accepted into the AIM program until 60 days after your pregnancy has ended. The newborn is fully covered up to his or her second birthday.

Who will provide my health care services?
The state has contracts with many health plans (HMOs) throughout California. The health plans that you are able to choose will depend on which county you live in. If you are currently receiving care from a doctor, it may be possible to continue visiting that doctor while you are enrolled in AIM, but only if he or she is contracted with a health plan and medical group participating in the AIM Program. This information may be obtained by calling the health plan directly.

How do I qualify?
To be accepted into the AIM Program, you must meet five requirements:

  • You must be pregnant, but not more than 30 weeks pregnant, at the time a complete application is received.
  • You must have lived in California for the past six months.
  • You cannot be receiving no-cost Medi-Cal or Medicare benefits at the time of application.
  • You cannot have maternity benefits through private insurance, unless your coverage has a separate maternity-only deductible or co-payment that is more than $500.
  • You must have a family income within the AIM income guidelines.

How much does the AIM Plan cost?
The cost of the AIM Program is exactly 1.5 percent of your annual family income after deductions. You don’t have to pay the premium all at once. The AIM Program will break the cost into 12 monthly payments.

You can also choose to complete coverage for your baby for another year after birth. Before the baby’s first birthday, you will receive a letter asking if you would like to continue health care until his/her 2nd birthday. Continuing this coverage for your infant will save you a lot of money.

To ascertain specifics about the AIM Plan, call 1-(800) 433-2611. Or you can contact a local AIM Outreach Worker for information about qualifying for AIM and for help with your application (at no cost to you).