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CSEA Education Services

CSEA offers its members and families a range of financial assistance programs to further their education. From scholarships to grants and even reimbursement subsidies, there are options for for variety of educational goals. 

CSEA Dependent Scholarships
$1,000 scholarships are awarded to CSEA member dependents (including spouses) based on academic achievement, character, leadership and extra curricular activities within the community. Financial need may also be taken into consideration on some. There are graduating high school senior, community college and college or vocational school scholarships.

CSEA Dependent Scholarship applications are accepted January 10 – March 1.

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CSEA Member Career Grants
CSEA also offers grants to members who are going to school on a part time or full time basis. $1000 grants are awarded to recipients based on financial need, goals and objectives, citizenship, and CSEA activities.

CSEA Member Grant applications are accepted June—October 31.

New! CSEA Member Student Debt Reducer Program
CSEA recognizes that student loan debt is a major burden for many Americans, including many CSEA members. To assist members with this burden, CSEA offers Member Student Loan Reducer Grants. This program has twenty grants in the amount of $500 each available due to the generous sponsorship of our valued benefit provider, SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union. Applications are now being accepted now and are due February 15, 2016.

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CSEA Member Reimbursement Subsidy Grant
CSEA offers up to $250 subsidies to financially assist members with opportunities that connect them to the union, the community, and/or to students. Examples of the types of programs considered include, but are not limited to, attendance at CSEA’s Paraeducator Conference, CSEA’s Maintenance and Operations Academy, completion of the citizenship process, obtaining a high school diploma, or GED, or other college or vocational courses.

Member Reimbursement Subsidy applications are accepted throughout the year.

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Union Plus Scholarship Program
The Union Plus Scholarship Program offers scholarships ranging from $500 to $4,000 to recipients based on academic achievement, potential, character, leadership, social awareness, career goals and financial need.


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CSEA has education tools and resources
If you or your dependents are embarking on a college career in today's world, then you probably have a lot of questions: How can I prepare for the college entry exams? Where should I go to college? How am I going to pay for college? How do I make sense out of the financial-aid application process?

CSEA has the online tools and resources you need to get started...More