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Our union provides security and stability

March 2015

Springtime is just around the corner. This is the time of year that brings about themes of renewal and refresh­ment. Local CSEA chapter leaders are participating in Officer Skills Trainings to learn more about the positions they hold and to learn how to be successful leaders in our union. In fact, spring­time in CSEA holds much in the way of training and membership develop­ment. The value of the union truly shows as members take advantage of opportunities such as the Paraeducator Conference, The M&O Academies, the Communications Academy, the Leadership Academy, the Webmaster Academies, and this year, the return of the Member Intern Program. 

The value of CSEA membership is much more than just representation or contract negotiations. Don’t get me wrong—both of these are extremely important to all of us. But CSEA  offers many additional benefits. You see, when you understand CSEA Member Benefits and the Union Plus benefits available to you, you can recoup all of your dues dollars. I hope you will take advantage of all we have to offer.

Our amazing Governmental Relations team, together with both the CSEA member Legislative and PACE committees, work hard on political action and lobbying efforts that have a direct impact on our salary and working conditions. The Education Code, which is the law that governs much of the work we do as classified employees, was enacted in part by the work we have done over the years to improve our lives, our students’ lives, as well as the community we serve. 

Our CSEA legal team, located at our San Jose Headquarters, is a tremendous resource for our labor relations staff and chapters, as well as individual members through our Legal Referral Program. Whether we are taking on a district that is not playing by the rules or helping you as a member with a personal matter, your union and benefits are here to help.

All of us in CSEA—from the Board of Directors to the appointed leaders across the state and all of our CSEA staff—are here to bring our collective wisdom as a benefit to you. When you decide to retire, we are here to assist you with the options available to you. CalPERS President Rob Feckner (CSEA Past President) and I sit on the CalPERS Board of Administration fighting to protect your retirement benefits. We want to be sure that when you’re ready, your retirement is there to take care of you all the days of your life and beyond. The CSEA Retiree Unit helps you then maintain all these benefits when you join upon retirement. 

CSEA’s mission is to improve the lives of our students, members and community. Your CSEA membership helps us to provide that security and stability during your working years and after. 

In strength and unity,
Michael Bilbrey, Association President



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Michael Bilbrey

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