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Saluting you for engaging and inspiring

April, 2015

In just a few weeks, we’ll all celebrate “our week,” Classified School Employee Week (CSEW). “Engaging learners, Inspiring leaders” is this year’s theme for the statewide celebration of not only the important work we do, but also the value that we add to our students’ lives and the communities we live in every day.

The theme is fitting when you consider the role we play in our state’s schools and colleges. Students, no matter if they are in first grade or in one of our community colleges, can’t learn without our support. Our contact with the students we serve can be direct, such paraeducators working with students in the classroom, or indirect, like with purchasing agents and district-based administrative assistants. But we all know no matter the work you do in the education system, it all moves students to success.

What would a school day look like for our students if there were no classified employees on the job? Across most of the state, no one would even have to show up at school because without the bus drivers and all the vital transportation workers, the kids would never even get there. Our food service workers provide the fuel for our students to learn—in many cases two or even three meals each day. A hungry child can’t learn and neither can one who’s absent. Classified employees are constantly engaging learners. We educate them in the traditional sense; we mentor them as role models and we engage them with real-life lessons.

The more I travel this great state of ours, the more stories I hear and equally witness the extraordinary work you, our members, do on the job and in your personal lives. Your community involvement, your dedication to our youth and your complete spirit of giving energizes me as your president

In the weeks leading up to CSEW, I hope you are working with your chapter to plan events that celebrate your contributions. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you take the time to honor yourselves and the great contributions that each of us make as classified employees. CSEW isn’t the only time to celebrate our contributions, but it may be the best time!

In strength and unity,
Michael Bilbrey, Association President


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Michael Bilbrey

Association President Michael Bilbrey