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Your union is strong

August 2014

Your union is not only looking out for you today. Our eyes are keenly focused on the future, looking to solidify CSEA’s position as the best union for classified employees. Your leaders are looking to the year 2020 and beyond. None of us will be in our various positions forever. Some are likely to advance to higher leadership positions within CSEA and many will choose to retire, having given years of service to our students and to our great union. I see so many who have devoted their lives to building CSEA into what it is today; and many who will take up the leadership reins and continue that great tradition of success. So whichever of those groups you fall into, remember we must inspire and engage those members who come after us to be ready to lead CSEA into the future.

We have begun to shift our trainings so that they will align more closely with our members’ needs. We’re developing trainings for members who simply want more knowledge to help them do their jobs better—to be more informed union members or improve their lives. I’m proud of the progress we’ve made and I am very excited to put our training agenda fully into action. The strength of our union has always been well-trained classified professionals. Nobody does this better than CSEA!

I am putting together a working group of young workers who will develop the curriculum for our first-ever young worker summit. My target audience is members under 35 who have had limited exposure to the union. These members are our future and we must engage them in ways that we have not done before. We must adapt as our generations change, and inspire and engage them both locally and at the state level.

We have had a much better year in terms of membership and budget than we’ve had in recent history. It has been my priority to ensure that we spend your dues dollars wisely and to have the maximum return on investment. Because of our collective diligence, I’m happy to report that we approved a balanced budget. We have begun to restore some of the reductions that were made during our most difficult financial times.

Our members have always worked hard to elect our endorsed pro-education, pro-worker candidates. In June, we were successful in 97 percent of our endorsed races, as well as the propositions we supported. This was just the beginning of the important work we have to do. November is right around the corner and we must continue to be politically inspired and politically engaged. There are several key races up and down the state where we must get significant friends of CSEA elected or re-elected.

This year, your board tackled our organizational goals once again. We worked with department heads and field directors to hone our objectives. I’m proud of the work we’ve done in this area, and I know we are all working as a team to reach those goals.

All of us want to be the best leaders that we can be. We want to be the leaders you so truly deserve, leaders who inspire, engage and lead.

To see the full version of my State of the Union speech at Conference, please view the video above.

In strength and unity,
Michael Bilbrey, Association President



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