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Spring is busy for CSEA

March 2014

It’s hard to believe spring is right around the corner, when many of us never even experienced much of a winter. As springtime is upon us, we see the yearly ritual of a rebirth of nature, and with that we refresh our hope for good things to come. Spring is an important and busy time for our organization.

During the past few months and into the next two, Area Institutes and Officers Skills Trainings have been taking place throughout the state.  Your board members and I have been busily attending as many as we can, engaging our members, and listening to their challenges on a more intimate level. The common thread among the majority of the members I have been talking to is hope: Hope that the economy is turning around; hope that the governor’s budget truly does allow districts to bring workers back, restore hours and provide long-needed raises; and hope that better opportunities will soon be available for the students we serve.

CSEA is also looking toward a brighter future— the near future and the long-term future of our union. We have been using the results of the Leadership Development Task Force report as well as our strategic planning efforts to take a hard look at how we provide training for our members.  As we implement the changes, you will see a shift in our trainings so that they align more with your wants and needs. We’ll provide training for members who simply want more knowledge to help them do their jobs better, to be a more informed union member or improve their lives in some way.  The key is that you will get that training from your union.  Training will be delivered in new and technologically advanced ways. Ways that are valuable to our youngest members as well as our more seasoned members. You’ll be hearing a great deal more in the near future about our plans and how you will be able to take advantage of our newest course offerings.

In strength and unity,

Michael Bilbrey, Association President



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