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California School Employees Association


School Lunch Week
National School Lunch Week
More than 29 million children eat lunch at public schools everyday. It’s time to pay tribute to the wonderful workers who help make this possible. Join CSEA in celebrating National School Lunch Week Oct. 12–16.
School Bus Safety
National School Bus Safety Week
Schools around the country will recognize National School Bus Safety Week Oct. 19–23, 2015, celebrating the theme: "Be Smart - Be Seen, I Wait in a Safe Place"
Stop Bullying
October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month
This month, thousands of schools, communities, organizations, and individuals will come together to release new resources, campaigns, and efforts aimed at raising awareness for bullying prevention.
Veterans Day
Veterans Day
Veterans Day is a time when Americans honor those who have served in the U.S. Military—a time to express gratitude to those who have made great sacrifices to preserve our freedom. During Veterans Awareness Week (Nov. 8 -14) and on Veterans Day (Nov. 11), we honor those individuals and reflect on their sacrifice.
Emergency assistance for Fire Victims
Emergency assistance available for those affected by fires
CSEA is here for you in times of need and times of crisis. Association President Michael Bilbrey has made emergency assistance funds available to affected members affected by the Butte Fire in Amador and Calaveras Counties and the Valley Fire in Lake County.
Citrus College
Video: Citrus College Chapter seeks parity
Citrus College Chapter 101 has been without a contract since December 2014. All they are asking for is parity with other college employees.
Dave Low
Dave Low: Reed's state pension reform measure would be financial disaster
In a recent op-ed piece for the San Jose Mercury News, CSEA Executive Director Dave Low explains how the Reed-DeMaio pension initiative would mean financial ruin for workers and public agencies across the state.
CSEA's 89th Annual Conference celebrates the 'Power of Us'
CSEA's 89th Annual Conference brought together CSEA members from all over California to share ideas, debate and vote on resolutions, adopt a budget, elect state officers and present awards for outstanding service and achievement. Celebrating the theme "The Power of Us," members left the conference energized to confront the challenges facing classified employees and working families in 2016.
Proposed ballot measure takes aim at retirement security
Anti-pension politicians have revived their effort to deny retirement security for public servants such as classified employees, teachers, police officers and firemen by filling a statewide ballot initiative that would eliminate secure pensions for all new employees without guaranteeing any other type of retirement benefit in return.
One person can make a difference
Video by Jonathan Bengco, Webmaster for CSEA's Newport-Mesa Chapter 18

Focus Magazine

September/October 2015
Celebrating 40 Years of Collective Bargaining
Focus Magazine: September/October 2015
Also: Member named top community college employee, Medicare turns 50, Member of the Year Paul Rasso, State names top school bus driver
Halloween Discounts

2015 Halloween Discounts
Halloween is right around the corner, and CSEA has your ticket to frightening fun at California's top theme park events...More
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