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Member Resources

Documents and Publications
Official bulletins are updated and posted here for CSEA members.

Constitution and Bylaws 
These are the rules and principles that govern CSEA.

You'll find recently updated versions of our most popular forms. As forms continue to be updated they will be posted here.

Friday Mail 
Each Friday, CSEA posts new bulletins, announcements and other documents for its members and staff.

Policy Handbook 
Each section of the Policy Handbook is available in PDF.

Members can view or print PDF versions of our most popular training publications and modules.

Resolutions Writing
CSEA chapters may submit resolutions for action by conference delegates. Learn the proper procedure and timelines here.

Leadership Tools
Chapter Executive Board Toolbox 
This is a valuable resource for chapter executive boards.

Chapter Release Time 
This unique program gives you time away from your job to take care of union business.

Compensation Survey Results 
This benchmark salary survey provides a snapshot of pay levels for negotiators.

Education Code 
This collection of state laws grants many basic rights to classified employees.

Get involved
As a member-run union, we rely on members to step forward and contribute new ideas and new energy.

Master Calendar
From trainings and events to Regional President's Meetings, find out what's going on in CSEA.

Negotiations Toolbox 
CSEA provides a wide range of support resources to bargaining team members.

New Chapter Tool Kit
The full version of this publication is only available in hardcopy format. However, dozens of documents and publications referenced in its appendix are linked on this page.

Career Growth
CSEA is an active member of the education community, and a strong advocate for lifelong learning and professional growth.  Whether you’re looking for a transfer, promotion or different job altogether, CSEA is there to help.

Job Skills Training
Professional growth doesn’t mean you have to enroll in a college degree program or change careers. In most cases, professional growth simply means sharpening your job skills and keeping pace with changes in your field of work.

Union Training
CSEA prides itself on offering members the training they need to succeed. CSEA experts can teach you everything you need to know, from how to get the most at the bargaining table to how to create a chapter Web site.

Communication Tools
CSEA artwork and graphics are available for CSEA members to use in union publications.

CSEA Directory
Get contact information for Area, Regional and Chapter leaders, as well as CSEA staff.

Public Relations Officer Resource Network 
Access Clipsheet and other CSEA communications resources. CPROs and RPROs can also share ideas in the Public Relations Officer (PRO) Forum.

Publications and periodicals
CSEA prides itself on member communication. From local chapter newsletters to csea.com, there are many ways for you to stay on top of CSEA news and information.

Worker’s Independent News 
This unique Web-based radio service provides news about issues and activities of working families and their unions across America.