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California School Employees Association

Annual Conference
CSEA Annual Conference in Sacramento
CSEA’s Annual Conference will be held at the Sacramento Convention Center Aug. 4-7, 2014.
2014 Conference Resolutions: View this year's Conference Resolutions online.
CSEA goes to Washington D.C.
A delegation of CSEA leaders traveled to Washington D.C. in May to meet with Congressional representatives and federal education officials. Chief among the delegation’s priorities were securing full funding for federal education programs and obtaining support for a national recognition of classified school employees.
Governor signs budget
Governor signs 2014-15 budget
Governor Brown signed the 2014-15 state budget on June 20. The balanced, on-time state budget plan pays down debt, directs additional funding for local schools and health care, shores up the teachers' retirement system and builds a solid Rainy Day Fund.
LCFF & LCAP Toolkit
Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) is the new school funding calculation in California. As part of the LCFF, LEAs must develop a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) to set goals in eight priority areas specified by the state. CSEA has created a toolkit to help you understand the LCFF and the LCAP and to help CSEA chapters get involved in the process.
Election 2014
Primary Election Results: Major victories for public education and working families
CSEA endorsed candidates fared extremely well in the June 3 Primary Election. Claiming victories up and down the state. These candidates solidified support for public education and working families and set the stage for more victories in the November General Election.
rob feckner
Rob Feckner re-elected to CalPERS Board
CalPERS Board President Rob Feckner was unopposed in his bid to win re-election to the CalPERS Board this year. He will serve another four-year term on the board.
RoseAnne Johnson
Inspiring Generations
Classified employees often take on volunteer roles as coaches, group advisors and leaders because they genuinely care about the well being of students. They know that they can help create a better future for everyone by helping today’s students grow into tomorrow’s leaders.
Covered California
Covered CA enrollment open to COBRA participants
If you (or anyone you know) are getting your health insurance through COBRA, you have a special opportunity to shop around for a better policy and/or price in the Covered CA Exchange marketplace through July 15.
gov. jerry brown
Governor releases May budget revision
Gov. Brown released his May Budget Revision on May 13, which forecast increased revenues of $2.4 billion. This increase, however, went to cover health care coverage under Medi-Cal, emergency drought assistance, added funding to meet theProposition 98 guarantee and additional contribution to the California State Teachers Retirement System (STRS).
2014 Classified Employees of the Year
Four CSEA members were named as California's 2014 Classified School Employees of the Year in recognition of their exceptional efforts toward school operations and student success.
2014 Community College Classified Employees of the Year
The California Community Colleges Board of Governors named three CSEA members as California’s 2014 Community College Classified Employees of the Year.
Para Conference
Paras flock to conference for Common Core training
More than 700 paraeducators from around the state flocked to the 17th Annual Paraeducator Conference in April to learn a variety of new skills and information, including in-depth training on the Common Core State Standards. The extensive workshops on the newly instituted standards drew many to the conference for the first time—more than half were first-time attendees.
administrator rankings
Administrator Ranking Survey
Have you ever wondered what CSEA members in another school district think of an administrator who might be applying for a job at your district? A survey, conducted for the first time in 2013, invited CSEA chapter leaders to offer their opinion on top administrators in their district. See how they rated.
Feds continue to tweak healthcare rules
Considering the complexity of the U.S. healthcare system and variations among the 50 states, it’s no surprise that federal and state agencies continue to respond to issues surrounding the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
know your rights
Know your rights
Classified employees are afforded many basic rights by law or through collective bargaining. Learn about your rights on the job and what you can do to protect yourself if your rights are violated.
pre-retirement seminar
Make the most of your retirement
Whether you're retiring in 2013 or in 2050, you should attend a free CSEA Pre-Retirement Seminar in your area. You'll get the information you need to maximize your pension benefits.
obama care
What Obamacare means for you
The federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires everyone to obtain some form of health insurance next year. This is the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly known as “Obamacare.” 
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Focus Magazine

July/August 2014
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